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Gunnison County, Colorado

Trichoptera (Caddisfly or Sedges) Provisional Species List

Kirby, 1813
Updated 5 Mar 2020

Trichoptera World Checklist

Suborder Spicipalpia (Closed-cocoon Makers)

Glossosomatidae (Saddle Case Makers) introduction

Hydroptilidae (Microcaddisflies)


Rhyacophilidae (Freeliving Caddisflies, Green Rock Worm)

Suborder Annulipalpia (Fixed-Retreat Makers)

Hydropsychidae (Net Spinner Caddis)

Philopotamidae (Finger-net Caddisflies)

Psychomyiidae (Trumpet-net Caddisflies)

Suborder Integripalpia (Portable-Case Makers)


Brachycentridae (Log Cabin Casemakers, Humpless case-maker)

Helicopsychidae (Snailcase Caddis)


Leptoceridae (Longhorned Case Makers)

Limnephilidae (Northern Case Makers, Giant Caddis)

Molannidae (Hood-case Makers)

Phryganeidae (Giant Case Maker Caddisflies)


Caddis that may be here. Found in contiguous or nearby high elevation Colorado Counties

Based on comparisons with data from other counties, it appears the highest elevations of Gunnison County may be poorly collected.

  • Cheumatopsyche enonis Ross 1938 (HRU Lower Gunnison - can't make it up here?)
  • Cheumatopsyche pettiti (Banks) 1908 (HRU Lower Gunnison - " ")
  • Chimarra utahensis Ross 1938 (Montane, warm spring/Park county)
  • Culoptila thoracica (Ross) 1938 (High elevations, Eagle, Summit, Grand)
  • Glossosoma verdona Ross 1938 (Pitkin Saguache)
  • Glyphopsyche irrorata (Fabricus) 1781 (Pitkin)
  • Hesperophylax designatus (Walker) 1852 Mentioned by Ruiter in emails
  • Hydroptila rono Ross 1941 (Pitkin)
  • Lenarchus brevipennis (Banks) 1899 (Very high, Larimer county)
  • Lenarchus fautini Denning 1949 (Grand and Jackson, rare in Colorado)
  • Lepidostoma ormeum Ross 1946 (was L. ormea see Weaver p 80) (Pitkin)
  • Lepidostoma unicolor (Banks) 1911 (Saguache)
  • Oligophlebodes ardis Ross 1941 (Grand, Summit)
  • Oligophlebodes sierra Ross 1944 (Pitkin)
  • Psychoronia costalis (Banks) 1901 WSB?
  • Rhyacophila vocala Milne 1936 (Pitkin, rare)
  • Rhyacophila vofixa Milne 1936 (Lake, high)
  • and undoubtably more species :-)

Sources and References for Gunnison County records

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     Quote " If these remarks appear to entomologists well founded, and it be thought right to consider Phryganea as constituting a new order, I think it might be distinguished, since the wings of all the known species are hairy, by the name of Trichoptera. "

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