Trichoptera: Rhyacophilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Rhyacophila vocala Milne 1936

Updated 25 July 2017
TSN 115126

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Blinn,DW and Ruiter,DE 2006 Tolerance values of stream caddisflies (Trichoptera) in the lower Colorado river basin, USA. The Southwestern Naturalist 51(3):326-337. Abstract

Herrmann,SJ; Ruiter,DE and Unzicker,JD 1986 Distribution and records of Colorado Trichoptera. Southwestern Naturalist 31 4, 421-457.
     They note the habitat for this species is streams and rivers, it was collected at 2853m in Pitkin County on 26 July. Pitkin County is on the northern boundary of Gunnison County. Quote from page 452: "Smith (1968) found this species to be similar to R. hyalinata; he stated it may be a variable form of R. hyalinata. This species was also reported from Utah (Baumann and Unzicker, 1981). "

Milne,LJ 1936 Studies in North American Trichoptera. Part 3. Cambridge, Mass. : Author's publication. 128 pages.
     First description of this species.

Schmid,F 1970 Le genre Rhyacophila et la famille des Rhyacophilidae (Trichoptera). Memoires de la Societe Entomologique du Canada 66:1-230.

Smith,SD 1968 The Rhyacophila of the Salmon river drainage of Idaho with special reference to larvae. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 61 3, 655-674.
     Has a key to larvae that includes R. hyalinata. Does not separate R. hyalinata from R. vocala. R. vocala is present in the Colorado River Drainage of Pitkin County at 2853 meters elevation.
      "Similar to hyalinata, except that vocala larvae differed by having the head consistently darkened ventrally, R. vocala showed little variation in its anatomical features, in contrast to the closely related hyalinata."

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