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Trichoptera: Rhyacophilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Rhyacophila harmstoni

Ross 1944
Updated 29 Feb 2016
TSN 115106

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Erman,NA 1989 Species composition, emergence, and habitat preferences of Trichoptera of the Sagehen Creek Basin, California, USA. The Great Basin Naturalist, 186-197. PDF
     The author found Rhyacophila harmstoni in Sagehen Creek, springs and spring-fed streams.

Herrmann,SJ; Ruiter,DE and Unzicker,JD 1986 Distribution and records of Colorado Trichoptera. Southwestern Naturalist 31 4, 421-457.
     They note the habitat for this species is streams and rivers, the altitudinal range is 2713 to 3024m and adult collection dates are 18 April to 18 August. Quote from page 450: "To date we know of reports of this species only from Utah (Ross, 1944), California (Denning, 1956) and Colorado. " They list this species as present in Gunnison county.

Ross,HH 1944 The Caddis Flies, or Trichoptera, of Illinois. Natural History Survey of Illinois 23 Los Angeles, CA. 326 pages.
     Original description of this species.
Description of Rhyacophila harmstoni Description of Rhyacophila harmstoni continued

Schmid,F 1970 Le genre Rhyacophila et la famille des Rhyacophilidae (Trichoptera). Memoires de la Societe Entomologique du Canada 66:1-230.

Brown,WS 2005 Trichoptera (Caddisflies) of Gunnison County, Colorado