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Trichoptera: Leptoceridae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Oecetis inconspicua
Plain Red-Brown Long Horn Sedge

(Walker) 1852
Updated 20 Aug 2020
TSN 116613

This caddisfly is found in the lower elevations of the Gunnison Basin and has a widespread distribution in the USA. Leptocerid caddisflies are called "Long Horn" caddis because of long antennae on the larvae. That is, they are very long for a caddisfly :-) Many other aquatic insects have longer antennae.

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University of Alberta Entomology Collection Species page
     Has illustration of male genitalia, description, habitat information, range and more.

Photo of adult female http://entweb.clemson.edu/museum/misc/aqua/aqua39.htm


Cooper,CM 1980 Effects of abnormal thermal stratification on a reservoir benthic macroinvertebrate community. American Midland Naturalist 103(1) 149-154.
     Abstract: The benthos of Grenada Reservoir, Mississippi, was examined during 1973-1976, when periods of flooding caused abnormally high water levels. The increased water levels resulted in prolonged abnormal hypolimnial stagnation due to lack of normal reservoir drawdown procedures. The stagnation in 1973 caused massive kills of immature Hexagenia bilineata and Oecetis inconspicua larvae in the reservoir conservation pool. Recolonization of the reservoir in 1974 by Hexagenia and Oecetis was unsuccessful due to recurrence of stagnation. The lengthy stagnation changed the structure of the benthic community, and the Hexagenia-Oecetis-Chaoborus-Chironomidae community was replaced by a Limnodrilus-Chaoborus-Chironomidae community. Production initially decreased but later recovered.

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     Described as Leptocerus inconspicua on pages 71 and 72.

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