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Trichoptera: Limnephilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Grammotaulius lorettae

Denning 1941
Updated 17 Apr 2020
TSN 116314

Grammotaulis case
Grammotaulis case, part of the head and a few legs are barely peeking out of the left side.


Larval cases are often the biggest structures pulled out of a pond in the upper East River Valley or in the ponds near Irwin Lake in the late spring or early summer. They are always found with Carex aquatilius or Carex rostrata, or another large grass they can use to build their 10cm long cases. They have a tan or golden head with brown spots. The earliest instars are easily confused in the pond with Limnephilus picturatus. However, L. picturatus has a darker head and is a small to average sized caddis in our valley in its final instars, while Grammotaulis larvae are big and their cases are uniquely gigantic in their last few instars. Also L. picturatus is found at higher elevations, while Grammotaulius are present at or below 3000 meters.

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