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Trichoptera: Limnephilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Ecclisomyia maculosa - Early Western Mottled Sedge

Banks 1907
Updated 20 Apr 2020
TSN 116027
Ecclisomyia crawling in a white pan

The Ecclisomyia sp. on the right was found in a small tributary to the upper East River on the 1st of June in 2007.

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Illustration - University of Alberta Entomology Collection Species page
     Has illustration of male genitalia, description, habitat information, range and more.


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     Abstract: " The Nearctic species of Ecclisomyia are reviewed with new descriptions of the pupae of the four recognized species. The larvae of E. bilera Denning 1951, E. maculosa Banks 1907, and E. simulata Banks 1920 are described. A supplementary description is provided for the larva of E. conspersa Banks 1907. Genetic and morphological information is provided to support the recent restoration of E. simulata as a valid species. Keys to the males, females, pupae, and larvae are provided. Biological and distributional data are also included."

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     While studying R. wallowa, the author found E. maculosa adults near the cold streams Fall River and Chiquita Creek at 2640m or 8660ft amsl in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

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     Notes that Ecclisomyia maculosa lives in Gunnison County.

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     Has diagnostic characters for Ecclisomyia males.

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