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Trichoptera of Gunnison County, Colorado

Introduction to the Caddisfly family Brachycentridae
Log Cabin Casemakers, Humpless case-maker

Ulmer, 1903
Updated 22 Jan 2019
TSN 116905

Species List

Amiocentrus aspilus
Brachycentrus americanus
Brachycentrus occidentalis
Micrasema bactro

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      Abstract" "The North American species of the genus Brachycentrus are revised on the basis of adult males and larvae. The genera Eobrachycentrus, Adicrophleps, Amiocentrus, Micrasema, and Brachycentrus are the recognized world genera of the family. Their relationships are discussed and a phylogeny proposed. In Brachycentrus, five subgenera {Brachycentrus, Oligoplectrum, Sychnothrix, Oligoplectrodes, and Sphinctogaster) are recognized, defined, and their phylogeny proposed. In North America, Brachycentrus sensu strictu contains only B. nigrosoma (Banks) (with new synonyms B. notabulus Milne and B. adelus Ross). Oligoplectrum is lacking in North America, but widespread in Europe. The new subgenus, Sychnothrix, is established for Oligoplectrum echo Ross, its only included species. Oligoplectrodes contains only B. americanus (Banks) in North America. The remaining ten recognized species are placed in Sphinctogaster (with new synonym Brachycentriella Iwata): B. appalachia new species, B. chelatus Ross, B. etowahensis Wallace, B. fuliginosus Walker, B. incanus Hagen, B. lateralis (Say), B. numerosus (Say), B. occidentalis Banks, B. solomoni new species, and B. spinae Ross. The North American subgenera and species (males and larvae) are keyed, described and illustrated with distribution maps provided for the species. "

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     Brachycentrus sp nymphs were found in all 4 of the plant species used to make leaf packs; alder, willow, aspen and pine.

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