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Trichoptera of Gunnison County, Colorado

Introductionto the caddis family Apataniidae
Smoky Wing Sedges, Early Smoky Wing Sedges

Wallengren, 1886
Updated 20 Dec 2020

Provisional Species List

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     Quote from page 113: "Note respecting a species of Apatania.-In my "Trichoptera Britannica" pp. 74, 75, I mention a species of Apatania taken at the little lake in Arundel Park, which I considered to be probably distinct from A. vestita, but of which I had only seen females. I have now visited the locality four times-thrice in August, once in June-and have taken probably near one hundred specimens; still all are females, most of them full of ova, which they deposit freely. The occurrence of this sex only is to me inexplicable; and one is almost led to suspect that this species may be able to dispense, partially or entirely, with the companionship of males,-as is known to be the case in some few species of other Orders, and, as there is strong reason to believe, prevails also in many more (e.g., several species of Tenthredinidai). I still adhere to the opinion that it is distinct from A. vestita, and name it provisionally A. muliebris.
The occurrence of an Apatania at Arundel is additionally interesting, because that genus is alpine or sub-alpine in its habits; it may be remarked, however, that the little lake springs out of the chalk, and the water of it is very cold.
A slight correction is necessary with respect to A. vestita. Kolenati takes the name from Zetterstedt, whose species, though probably of this genus, is yet unsatisfactorily determined. That my vestita is the same as Kolenati's I have no doubt for, contrary to his usual custom, in his generic description he describes the appendices of A. vestita, and these agree precisely with the British species. R. McLachlan, Forest Hill."

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     Abstract: "Six new Allomyia species from the western United States are described: Allomyia kondratieffi sp. nov., Allomyia leei sp. nov., Allomyia meachamensis sp. nov., Allomyia sarahae sp. nov., Allomyia sheldoni sp. nov., Allomyia whatcomensis sp. nov. The majority of these species were collected from small headwater, high altitude streams on relatively isolated mountain ranges. These species bring the number of known North American Allomyia to 18. Additional notes on state/county distribution records, taxonomic problems, species diagnostics and adult emergence periods for the 18 North American species are provided."

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     Discusses the adults of Apatania.

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