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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Suwallia starki - Stark's Sallfly

Alexander and Stewart
Updated 18 Feb 2019
TSN 609891


There is a male holotype specimen of Suwallia starki in the California Academy of Sciences Entomology Collection.

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Alexander,KD; Stewart,KW 1999 Revision of Genus Suwallia Ricker (Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae). Transactions of American Entomological Society 125 (3) 185-250.
     Describes this species (Suwallia starki) for the first time.

Baumann,RW, Gaufin,AR and Surdick,RF 1977 The stoneflies (Plecoptera) of the Rocky Mountains. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society 31, 1-208.

Kondratieff,BC and Baumann,RW 2002 A review of the stoneflies of Colorado with description of a new species of Capnia (Plecoptera: Capniidae). Transactions of American Entomological Society 128 3, 385-401.
     Quote from page 394: " This recently described species is considered by Alexander and Stewart (1999) to be the most widespread species of Suwallia in North America. Suwallia starki apparently has fall emerging populations, and previously reported S. autumna (Hoppe) records for Wyoming by Baumann et al. (1977) refer to S. starki. In Colorado, S. starki has been collected from large and small streams of the Mountain and Plateau regions."

Nelson,CH 2009 Surface ultrastructure and evolution of tarsal attachment structures in Plecoptera (Arthropoda: Hexapoda). Aquatic Insects, (31)523-545.
     The author used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to image the plantar surfaces of the stonefly tarsomeres and pretarsus of Suwallia starki and a number of other species.

subgenital plate

male tergum 9

Brown,WS 2004 Plecoptera or Stoneflies of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA