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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Perlidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Male key to Genera and species

1a. Genital hooks long and developed from hind margin of the tenth tergum; anterior to base of cerci.
1b. Genital hooks shorter and triangular in shape; developed from paraprocts, posterior to cercal bases.
2a. Tenth tergum with mesal tergite separated anteriorly and laterally by membranous areas. Hammer almost square.
2b. Tenth tergum without separated tergite, but sometimes with light sclerotization. Hammer oval


Keys and illustrations modified from the following:
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Baumann,RW; Gaufin,AR; Surdick,RF 1977 The stoneflies (Plecoptera) of the Rocky Mountains. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society 31, 1-208.

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Brown, Wendy S. 2004 Plecoptera or Stoneflies of Gunnison County, Colorado