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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Perlidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Female key to Genera and species

1a. Subgenital plate flat or not produced. Egg with apical reticulation.
Egg surface has a net like pattern on one end.
1b. Subgenital plate protruding or produced.
2a. Subgenital plate with posteromesal square area of dark sclerotization; Egg collar stalked
2b. Subgenital plate without dark sclerotized area; Egg collar button-like; vagina lined with spinules.


Keys and illustrations modified from the following:
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Baumann,RW; Gaufin,AR; Surdick,RF 1977 The stoneflies (Plecoptera) of the Rocky Mountains. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society 31, 1-208.

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Brown, Wendy S. 2004 Plecoptera or Stoneflies of Gunnison County, Colorado