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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Nemouridae of Gunnison County, Colorado
Male key to Genera

1a. Paraprocts divided into 3 lobes with spines or prongs on middle or outer lobes.
1b. Paraprocts single or divided into 2 lobes; no spines on outer lobes.
2a. Cervical gills branch from base at the neck; mesobasal lobe absent.
2b. Some cervical gills branch midway out their length; mesobasal lobe present at base of cerci in dorsal aspect.

(Gills have a Y-shape)

3a. Lateral knobs present at basal corners of epiproct; basal cushion present at dorsal base of epiproct; cervical gills present.
3b. Lateral knobs absent; basal cushion absent.
4a. Dorsal sclerite of epiproct large and lateral arms well developed.
4b. Dorsal sclerite of epiproct reduced in size and lateral arms poorly developed.
Prostoia besametsa

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Updated 2May2004