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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Capniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Capnia nana
Dwarf Snowfly, Winter Stonefly

Claassen 1924
Updated 3 Dec 2017
TSN 568700

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Claassen,PW 1924 New species of North American Capniidae (Plecoptera). Canadian Entomologist (56) 43-48, 54-57. Male Type specimen and another Female Type specimen

Kondratieff,BC and Baumann,RW 2002 A review of the stoneflies of Colorado with description of a new species of Capnia (Plecoptera: Capniidae). Transactions of American Entomological Society 128 (3) 385-401.
     Quote from page 388: " This species appears to be restricted to the southwestern portion of the state, having been only infrequently collected from small to medium streams in Archuleta Co. and Conejos Co."

Marden,JH and Kramer,MG 1994 Surface-skimming Stoneflies: A possible intermediate stage in insect flight evolution. Science, 266(5184) 427-430.
     Discusses Capnia nana among other stoneflies.
Abstract: " Insect wings appear to have evolved from gills used by aquatic forms for ventilation and swimming, yet the nature of intermediate stages remains a mystery. Here a form of nonflying aerodynamic locomotion used by aquatic insects is described, called surface skimming, in which thrust is provided by wing flapping while continuous contact with the water removes the need for total aerodynamic weight support. Stoneflies surface skim with wing areas and muscle power output severely reduced, which indicates that surface skimming could have been an effective form of locomotion for ancestral aquatic insects with small protowings and low muscle power output. "

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     Described as Capnia nana.

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