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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Chloroperlidae of Gunnison County, Colorado
Alloperla pilosa - Hairy Sallfly

Needham and Claassen 1925
Updated 2 June 2010
TSN 103229


Adults are bright green, this is the only Alloperla with an abdominal stripe.


>3040 meters elevation snowmelt streams

Life History

Adults emerge in June and July


Endemic to Colorado

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Map - Kondratieff, Boris C. and Richard W. Baumann (coordinators). 2000. Stoneflies of the United States. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online. (Version 12DEC2003). http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/distr/insects/sfly/usa/284.htm

Alloperla sp. Adult Photo from the Tree of Life

Alloperla from Natureserve.org


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     Quote: " Discussion.- This species has been collected only in the Colorado Rockies. It occurs in small creeks at high elevations. The adults emerge in June and July." Figure 506 male terminalia dorsal view and Figure 507 male terminalia lateral view on page 177.

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     "This unusual Alloperla is only known from small subalpine and alpine (>3,040 m elevation) streams of Colorado (Lyon and Stark 1997). These streams are fed primarily by snowmelt."

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     Described on page 124.

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subgenital plate
Brown, Wendy S. 2004 Stoneflies of Gunnison County, Colorado