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Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Traverella albertana

(McDunnough 1931)
Updated 7 June 2017
TSN 101097

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Allen, RK and Murvosh, CM 1987 Leptophlebiidae of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico (Insecta: Ephemeroptera). The Great Basin Naturalist 283-286.
     Quote from page 285: Traverella albertana (McDunnough)
Thraulus albertana McDunnough 1931: 82.
Traverella albertanus Edmunds 1948; 142.
DISTRIBUTION: This species has the widest latitudinal distribution of any North American species with a range of more than 26°. Specimens have been collected from Saskatchewan, Canada (54° N lat.), to Chihuahua, Mexico (28° N lat.).

Allen,RK 1973 Generic revisions of mayfly nymphs. 1. Traverella in North and Central America (Leptophlebiidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 66(6) 1287-1295.
     Abstract: "The 14 described species of Traverella are discussed, and synonymies and other pertinent data are presented for all North and Central American species. The 7 species of Traverella nymphs are included in an illustrated key and distribution map, and accounts of each include complete synonymy, nymphal description and collection records. Nymphs designated as Traverella spp. A, B, C, are described, and the nymph of T. lewisi n. sp. is described and named."

Edmunds,GF Jr. 1948 A new genus of mayflies from western North America (Leptophlebiinae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 61:141-148.
     Working from animals he collected in the Utah's Green River, Edmunds describes the genus Traverella in this paper and designates Traverella albertana as the type species. T. albertana was previously named Thraulus albertanus by McDunnough in 1931. Edmunds created the genus name Traverella to honor the mayfly researcher Jay R. Traver.
Edmunds 1948 description of the new genus mayfly Traverella Edmunds 1948 description of the new mayfly genus Traverella and redescription of Traverella albertana as the type species Edmunds 1948 redescription of the mayfly Traverella albertana as the type species in the new genus Traverella

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McDunnough,J 1931 New species of North American Ephemeroptera. Canadian Entomologist 63, 82-93.
     The mayfly Traverella albertana was described by McDunnough in 1931 as Thraulus albertanus.

McDunnough 1931 description of the mayfly Traverella albertana with the old name of Thraulus albertanus

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