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Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Heptagenia solitaria

(McDunnough) 1924
Updated 29 Feb 2016
TSN 100621

Locations Collected

Gunnison River, Cimarron Creek, West Elk Creek, Cebolla Creek, Dry Gulch, Steuben Creek (Argyle and Edmunds, 1962).

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Argyle,DW and Edmunds,GF 1962 Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of the Curecanti Reservoir Basins Gunnison River, Colorado. University of Utah Anthropological Papers 59 8, 178-189.
     Quote from page 183: "This species was found distributed between 6760 and 7495 ft. elevation. It appears to be restricted to the river with a few ingresses into side streams and is most abundant in very rapid water riffles. The three streams in which it attains some elevation all have a high velocity."

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     Quote from page 260: "This is a common species in the Gunnison River system, and except for Larimer Co. records is found on the western slope. Also see remarks for H. elegantula above."

McDunnough,J 1924 New Canadian Ephemeridae with notes, II. Canadian Entomologist 56:113-122.
     Described as Heptagenia solitaria.

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