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Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Introduction to the Mayfly genus Choroterpes

Eaton, 1881
Updated 26 Jan 2016
TSN 101108
Choroterpes gill

Locations Collected

Larvae are present in Tomichi Creek east of Gunnison.


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Leptophlebiidae Introduction
Choroterpes inornata may be present in the upper Gunnison Basin.
Choroterpes albiannulata may also be present.

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     The Reverend Alfred Edwin Eaton describes the mayfly genus Choroterpes in this paper. Now the "foliaceous abdominal tracheal branchiæ" are called "gills" :-)

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     Quotes from page 262:
Choroterpes albiannulata "In an unpublished Master's Thesis submitted to Colorado State University in 1977, E.L. Ames had earlier reported this species in abundance in the Yampa River (Moffat County and Routt County) and White River (Rio Blanco County). Edmunds and Musser (1960) reported this species from the Green River in nearby areas of both Utah and Wyoming. It is now generally known from throughout the Northwest, and McCafferty (1992) has recently described the larval stage, allowing the present confirmation."Choroterpes inornata" Colorado is evidently the northernmost location of this species, which was originally described from Mexico (Eaton, 1892). Allen (1974) showed C. inornata as occurring in southern Colorado on a range map, but provided no specific information. Larvae reported from La Plata County by Peters and Edmunds (1961) are probably attributable to this species."

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First gill of Choroterpes sp. larvae.

Brown,WS 2006 Ephemeroptera of Gunnison County, Colorado