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Ephemeroptera: Baetidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Baetis notos Small Minnow Mayfly, Blue-winged Olive

Allen and Murvosh 1987
Updated 10 Mar 2016


These animals are 3-tailed, with a distinctive pattern of upside down dark U-shaped marks against a lighter background on the pronotum. The abdominal terga are dark with distinctive pale shapes.


This is one of the fuscatus group of Baetis species.

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Allen,RK and Murvosh,CM 1987 New Baetidae from the southwestern United States and northern Mexico (Ephemeroptera: Insecta), with notes. Canadian Entomologist 119, 1095-1099.
     Names Baetis sp. C from Morihara and McCafferty (1979) Baetis notos. Quote from page 1098: "This species, known from only Arizona and New Mexico, belongs to the fuscata-group of species, and B. caurinus Edmunds and Allen, know only from the type locality in northern Oregon, is the only other western North American species that is unknown in the nymphal stage and belongs to this species group. Also, these species are strikingly different in coloration. Baetis notos has distinctive dark color patterns on the thoracic nota and abdominal terga, whereas B. caurinus is without thoracic markings, and the abdominal terga have only narrow purple anterior lines on some segments.

Durfee, R and Kondratieff, BC 1995 Description of adults of Baetis notos (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) Entomological News 106 (2) 71-74. PDF
     They describe males and females and have an illustration of the uniquely shaped hind wing as well as male genitalia.

McCafferty,WP; Durfee,RS; Kondratieff,BC 1993 Colorado mayflies (Ephemeroptera): an annotated inventory. Southwestern Naturalist 38 3, 252-274. PDF
     Quote from page 256: "This is a southwestern species that was described from larvae by Morihara and McCafferty (1979b) as Baetis sp. C. Allen and Murvosh (1987) subsequently named it B. notos."

McCafferty,WP and Provonsha, AV The Mayflies of North America Species List (Version 12Jan2009)
     Here is the geographic range and synonyms:
Baetis notos Allen & Murvosh, 1987 [MEX:FS;USA:NW,SE,SW]
    * Baetis sp. C Morihara & McCafferty, 1979 (syn.)

Morihara,DK and McCafferty,WP 1979 The Baetis larvae of North America (Ephemeroptera:Baetidae). Transactions of American Entomological Society 105, 139-221. PDF
     Larvae are discussed as Baetis sp. C.

Ward,JV; Stanford,JA 1990 Ephemeroptera of the Gunnison River, Colorado, USA. In: Mayflies and Stoneflies. Ed: Campbell,IC Kluwer Academic Publishers,215-220.
     Discussed as Baetis sp. C.

Brown, WS 2004 Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA