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Ephemeroptera: Ameletidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Ameletus velox

Dodds 1923
Updated 20 Jun 2020
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     In lakes without fish, A. velox individuals weighed an average of 4.86 ± 0.51mg. In lakes with a fish population Ameletus velox was absent.

Dodds,GS 1923 Mayflies from Colorado: descriptions of certain species and notes on others. Transactions of American Entomological Society 69, 93-116. PDF
     Dodds first described A. velox in this paper. Quote from page 106: " Common in South Boulder Creek and its tributaries where the water is not very swift, between 5,500 and 11,000 feet. It also lives in lakes and ponds with clean bottoms. It is a very strong swimmer, being found in swifter waters than any other swimming form of this region."

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     Remarks about A. velox from page 28: " One of several species of mayflies described by Dodds (1923) in his study of upper South Boulder Creek in Boulder and Gilpin Counties. All SPRB records of this species are from the Boulder Creek basin in Colorado. Specimens were collected from 1631 m to 2809 m in elevation. Adults were present from June to July. "

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     The Colorado State University Reference Collection (CSU) has specimens from Allan's 1975 study of Cement Creek in Gunnison County. Quote from page 254: "The species is evidently widespread throughout the west, and Allen and Chao (1981) redescribed the larvae from Arizona."

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     Abstract: "A systematic revision of North American species of the genus Ameletus, excluding parthenogenetic species, is presented. Seven new species are described (A. andersoni, A. bellulus, A. doddsianus, A. edmundsi, A. majusculus, A. pritchardi, and A. tolae), separate keys are given to western and eastern species, annotated accounts of all 30 presently recognized bisexual species are provided, taxonomic characters are illustrated, and distribution data are presented for all species. The following nomenclatural changes are proposed: Ameletus aequivocus is considered a junior synonym of A. sparsatus; A. alticolus and A. celeroides junior synonyms of A. celer; A. connectina and A. connectus junior synonyms of A. velox; A. facilis a junior synonym of A. vancouverensis; A. monta a junior synonym of A. similior; A. querulus a junior synonym of A. shepherdi; A. tuberculatus is provisionally considered to be a junior synonym of A. celer..."

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     Description of larvae and adults.

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      Elevation collected 5400-9200 ft, adults were found in July. Remarks from page 17: "One of several species of mayflies described by Dodds (1923) in his study of upper South Boulder Creek in Boulder and Gilpin Counties. All South Platte River Basin records of this species are from the Boulder Creek Basin in Colorado. "

Brown, WS 2004 Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA