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Trichoptera: Limnephilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Introduction to the caddis genus Limnephilus
Northern Caddisflies, Summer Flier Sedges

Leach in Brewster 1815
Updated 19 Jun 2011
TSN 116069

This genus is common and diverse in the upper Gunnison basin. Limnephilus larvae display a variety of case materials and structures. They can be found in permanent and temporary ponds and marshes.

The caddis on the right was crawling around one of the kettle ponds south of Gothic on the 9th of June 2010. Notice the striped head and a few legs sticking out of the case on the right side. I'm pretty sure it's a Limnephilus sp, probably one of the species below that have been identified from adults in Gunnison County.

Provisional Species List

Limnephilus abbreviatus
Limnephilus castor
Limnephilus coloradensis
Limnephilus externus
Limnephilus hyalinus
Limnephilus indivisus
Limnephilus moestus
Limnephilus picturatus
Limnephilus productus
Limnephilus rohweri
Limnephilus secludens
Limnephilus spinatus
Limnephilus sublunatus
Limnephilus tarsalis

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