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Trichoptera: Limnephilidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Limnephilus coloradensis

(Banks, 1899)
Updated 6 April 2016
TSN 116133


Described as Goniotaulius coloradensis in 1899 by Nathan Banks. One of several nondescript pale brown caddis adults that live in the mountains.

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Banks, N 1899 Descriptions of new North American neuropteroid insects. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 25:199-218. PDF
Desribed as Goniotaulius coloradensis

Dodds,GS and Hisaw,FL 1925 Ecological studies on aquatic insects. IV. Altitudinal range and zonation of mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies in the Colorado Rockies. Ecology 6(4)380-390. Abstract PDF

Herrmann,SJ; Ruiter,DE and Unzicker,JD 1986 Distribution and records of Colorado Trichoptera. Southwestern Naturalist 31 4, 421-457. Abstract and first page
     The authors show this species is present in Gunnison County. The following was copied from page 442:
"Drainages: Arkansas, Colorado, Gunnison, North Platte, South Platte.
Habitat: lakes, seeps.
Altitudinal range: 2743 to 3658 meters.
Adult Collection Dates: 10 July to 10 September.
Commentary: Banks reported the type locality as Fort Collins, Colorado. The altitude at Fort Collins (1519m) is inconsistent with that of our lowest collection site (2743m). Therefore we doubt the validity of Fort Collins being the type locality for this species. "

Ross,HH and Merkley,DR 1952 An annotated key to the nearctic males of Limnephilus (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae). American Midland Naturalist (47)435-455. first page
      This was a widely used key to the adults of Limnephilus until the publication of Ruiter's key below.

Ruiter,DE 1995 The adult Limnephilus Leach (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae) of the new world. Vol. 11. Ohio Biological Survey, College of Biological Sciences, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 200 pages
     The best key for identifying adult Limnephilus caddisflies.

Swegman,BG and Ferrington,LC 1980 New records of western Trichoptera with notes on their biology. Great Basin Naturalist 40(3) 287-291. PDF
     Abstract: "Western records for 27 species of Trichoptera are given; a majority of the records are from the Beartooth Mountains of northwestern Wyoming. In addition, examples of variation in the male genitilia of Limnephilus coloradensis (Banks) are figured and the female is described. Some comments regarding the larvae of Allomyia (Imania) are presented."
Limnephilus coloradensis collection records in Wyoming
Continuing description of Limnephilus coloradensis female
More description of Limnephilus coloradensis female
Drawings of variations in paramere spines for Limnephilus coloradensis.
Illustration of the female genitilia of Limnbephilus coloradensis

Brown, WS 2011 Trichoptera (Caddisflies) of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA