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Trichoptera: Apataniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Allomyia gnathos

(Ross) 1950
Updated 4 Mar 2015
TSN 116445
The animals on the right were crawling around on the sediment and algae in a small headwaters stream of Copper Creek on 18 July 2007


Allomyia gnathos has a very unique head shape, the top of its head is dished, with a distinct lip.


They are common in smaller streams in the Gothic area. A few are found in the bigger rivers such as the East River and Copper Creek.


Ross 1950 did the last revision of the genus Allomyia as Imania.

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     Describes the genus Allomyia with the key to genera.

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     They note that A. gnathos is found in Gunnison County. Quote from page 438: " Habitat: streams; Altitudinal range: 2713-3616m; Adult collection dates; 19 June to 5 August; Until recently, this species was placed in the genus Imania (Schmid, 1980). This genus and species appears restricted to cold rapid streams of the montane and alpine zones of Colorado."

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