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Stoneflies - Plecoptera: Capniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Isocapnia crinita - Hooked Snowfly

(Needham and Claassen) 1925
Updated 15 May 2016
TSN 102749


Rare, two of the three records of I. crinita are from Gunnison County (Nelson and Baumann, 1989). The genus Isocapnia was previously included in Capnia. Older publications may refer to this species as Capnia crinita.

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     Quote from page 78: "This rare species occurrs in both creeks and rivers. The adults emerge from March to May. " Illustrations include Figure 232, male terminalia, lateral view; Figure 233 male terminalia dorsal view on page 79.

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     Quote from page 390: "This rare species is presently known from only three localities in Colorado: Gunnison Co., Gunnison River, Gunnison, 18 April 1954, W.E. Ricker, 1 male,1 female (CNC); Routt Co., Yampa River, Hwy 40, eat of Hayden, 9 May 1997, R.W. Baumann, 1 micropterous male (BYU); Saguache Co., Tomichi Creek, Hwy 50, west of Sargents, 7 May 1992, R.W. Baumann, B.C. Kondratieff and J.T. Zenger, 3 micropterous male (CSU, BYU). "

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     Quote from page 176: "Stoneflies recorded from hyporheic habitats (pumped wells) included: Alloperla severa, Capnia confusa, Claassenia sabulosa, Diura knowltoni, Hesperoperla pacifica, Isocapnia crinita, I. grandis, I. integra, I. vedderensis, Isoperla fulva, Kathroperla, Paraperla frontalis, and P. wilsoni"

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