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Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Timpanoga hecuba hecuba

(Eaton 1884)
Updated 19 Apr 2017
TSN 101320

Locations Collected

Lake Fork, West Elk Creek, Cebolla Creek, Gunnison River, Steuben Creek, Beaver Creek (Argyle and Edmunds, 1962)


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     Quote from page 187: "The records of this species appear to indicate that it is confined to the main Gunnison and the larger tributaries. It is probably more abundant than the records show because the river was not worked with the intensity that the streams were, mainly because of its inaccessibility."

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     Abstract: " The subgenera Attenella, Eurylophella, Dannella, and Timpanoga of the genus Ephemerella form a monophyletic group of subgenera whose interrelationships are retraced phylogenetically. Dannella and the more highly derived Timpanoga form sister groups divergent from the highly derived Eurylophella, while Attenella is more ancestral in origin. Ephemerella (Dannella) provonshai sp. n. shares an immediate common ancestor with E. simplex. The adult stage of E. lita is described for the first time, and keys and comparisons are given for the species of Dannella. Phylogenetic data substantiate the subgeneric classification of the last 18 years and permit certain biogeographic inferences."

McCafferty,WP; Durfee,RS; Kondratieff,BC 1993 Colorado mayflies (Ephemeroptera): an annotated inventory. Southwestern Naturalist 38 (3) 252-274. PDF
     Quote from page 267: "This genus and Attenella have been placed in a separate subtribe Timpanogae by Allen (1984). They are distinguished by larvae with gills only on abdominal segments 4-7. All other Colorado ephemerellids are members of the Ephemerellae (gill on segments 3-7). Timpanoga hecuba was divided into two subspecies by Allen and Edmunds (1959), with T. hecuba pacifica restricted in distribution to the Pacific coast region, and T. hecuba hecuba found variously throughout the Intermountain West. "

McCafferty,WP and Provonsha, AV The Mayflies of North America Species List (Version 8Feb2011)
     Here is the geographic range and synonyms:
Timpanoga hecuba hecuba (Eaton), 1884 [CAN:NW;USA:NW,SW]
    * Ephemerella hecuba Eaton, 1884 (orig.)
    * Ephemerella hecuba hecuba Eaton, 1884 (stat.)
McCafferty,WP and Wang,T-Q 1994 Phylogenetics and the classification of the Timpanoga complex (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae). Journal of the North American Benthological Society 13 4, 569-579.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Water Quality Assessment Data Warehouse (NAWQA) shows this species is present in Gunnison County. Data as of 1Sep2005

Brown,WS 2004 Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA