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Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Rhithrogena flavianula

(McDunnough) 1924
Updated 2 Feb 2012
TSN 100574

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Durfee RS; Kondratieff BC. 1994 New additions to the inventory of Colorado mayflies (Ephemeroptera). Entomological News 105(4):222-227. PDF
     Quote from page 223: "The fourth new species record for the state, Rhithrogena pellucida Daggy, was collected form the North Platte River near Walden, Colorado. It was previously suggested that Rhithrogena larvae collected here during 1991 and 1992 might be the unknown larvae of R. flavianula (McDunnough) (see McCafferty et al. 1993). However, in August of 1993, Rhithrogena adults collected and reared from this site were determined to be R. pellicuda. The original description of this species by Daggy (1945), and the redescriptions by Burks (1953) and Leonard and Leonard (1962) adequately match our specimens from Colorado." Go to the Rhithrogena Introduction for characters used to separate R. pellicuda from the other Rhithrogena in Colorado.

McCafferty,WP; Durfee,RS; Kondratieff,BC 1993 Colorado mayflies (Ephemeroptera): an annotated inventory. Southwestern Naturalist 38 3, 252-274. PDF
     Quote from page 262: "McDunnough (1924)as Heptagenia flavianula Gunnison Co. (Gunnison), Garfield Co. (Glenwood Springs). The above records are the only ones presently available for this species. The fact that the larval stage remains unknown may be the reason for it not being reported again since its original description. The third author has studied the types of R. flavianula and determined it is distinct from R. hageni Eaton. There are unidentifiable larvae at CSU from the North Platte River that lack dorsal protuberances on the gills, similar to R. robusta, but also lack a sclerotized setal line on the gills ventrally. These may eventually prove to be the larvae of R. flavianula. "

McCafferty,WP and Provonsha, AV The Mayflies of North AmericaSpecies List (Version 8Feb2011)
     Here is the geographic range and synonyms:
Rhithrogena flavianula (McDunnough), 1924 [USA:NW,SW]
    * Heptagenia flavianula McDunnough, 1924 (orig.)

McDunnough J. 1924. New North American Ephemeridae. Canadian Entomologist 56:221-226.
     Described as Heptagenia flavianula.

Brown,WS 2004 Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Gunnison County, Colorado, USA