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Ephemeroptera: Baetidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Fallceon quilleri - Small Minnow Mayfly

(Dodds 1923)
Updated 19 Nov 2020
TSN 568601


Rare in our area, capable of life cycles as short as 8-11 days in desert temporary streams.

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Dodds,GS 1923 Mayflies from Colorado: descriptions of certain species and notes on others. Transactions of American Entomological Society 69, 93-116. PDF
     Described from South Boulder Creek on the Front Range of Colorado as Baetis quilleri.

Fritz,KM and Dodds,WK 2004 Resistance and resilience of macroinvertebrate assemblages to drying and flood in a tallgrass prairie stream system. Hydrobiologia, 527(1) 99-112. PDF
     The found F. quilleri has a life cycle as short as 18 days when threatened by drying stream conditions.

Gray,LJ 1981 Species composition and life histories of aquatic insects in a lowland Sonoran desert stream. American Midland Naturalist 106 (2) 229-242.
     Discussed as Baetis quilleri. Quote from page 231: "Baetis quilleri eggs, obtained from reared adults, hatched in 1 or 2 days. Subimagos emerged in 9-11 days. Larvae with fully developed wing pads were present after 6 days at 17-25 C in trays. "

Gill,BA; Harrington,RA; Kondratieff,BC; Zamudio,KR; Poff,NL and Funk,WC 2014 Morphological taxonomy, DNA barcoding, and species diversity in southern Rocky Mountain headwater streams. Freshwater Science 33(1) 288-301. PDF
     Working in wadeable streams on the Front Range of Colorado, they found this species and two cryptic Fallceon species.

Lugo-Ortiz,CR; McCafferty,WP 1998 A new North American genus of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) and key to Baetis complex genera. Entomological News 109 5, 345-353.
     Page 351, Figure 14 is an illustration of the left mandible of F. quilleri, showing the setal tuft.

Lugo-Ortiz,CR; McCafferty,WP and Waltz,RD 1994 Contribution to the taxonomy of the Panamerican genus Fallceon (Ephemeroptera:Baetidae) Journal of the New York Entomological Society. 102:460-475.

McCafferty,WP and Lugo-Ortiz,CR 1994 Taxonomic status of three species of Fallceon (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). Entomological News 105(3):161-163. PDF

McCafferty,WP and Provonsha, AV The Mayflies of North America Species List (Version 8Feb2011)
     Here is the geographic range and synonyms:
Fallceon quilleri (Dodds), 1923 [CAN:NE,NW;MEX:FS,SW;USA:NE,NW,SE,SW]
    * Baetis buenoi Allen, 1985 (syn.)
    * Baetis byblis Allen & Murvosh, 1983 (syn.)
    * Baetis cleptis Burks, 1953 (syn.)
    * Baetis endymion Traver, 1935 (syn.)
    * Baetis erebus Traver, 1935 (syn.)
    * Baetis leechi Day, 1954 (syn.)
    * Baetis quilleri Dodds, 1923 (orig.)
    * Fallceon buenoi (Allen), 1985 (syn.)
    * Fallceon byblis (Allen & Murvosh), 1983 (syn.)

McMullen,LE; De Leenheer,P; Tonkin,JD and Lytle,DA 2017 High mortality and enhanced recovery: modelling the countervailing effects of disturbance on population dynamics. Ecology Letters, 20(12), pp.1566-1575. PDF

Waltz,RD and McCafferty,WP 1987 New genera of Baetidae for some Nearctic species previously included in Baetis Leach (Ephemeroptera). Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 80(5) 667-670. PDF
     Abstract: "Certain Nearctic species originally described in the genus Baetis Leach lack the apomorphy possessed by other species described in Baetis and several related genera. This apomorphy is a patch of setae ventral on the femora of larvae. As a result, Baetis is here restricted to a more monophyletic concept, to include species with a patch of setae ventrally on the femora; and the nonconforming species that lack this character are placed in three new genera as follows: Fallceon, n. gen., type species Baetis quilleri Dodds as Fallceon quilleri (Dodds), n. comb., also includes Fallceon buenoi (Allen), n. comb., Fallceon byblis (Allen & Murvosh), n. comb., and Fallceon eatoni (Kimmins), n. comb.; Acerpenna, n. gen., type species Baetis macdunnoughi Ide as Acerpenna macdunnoughi (Ide), n. comb., also includes Acerpenna pygmaea (McDunnough), n. comb.; Diphetor, n. gen., type species Baetis hageni Eaton as Diphetor hageni (Eaton), n. comb., also includes Diphetor devinctus (Traver), n. comb."

Brown,WS 2007 Ephemeroptera of Gunnison County, Colorado