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Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae of Gunnison County, Colorado

Epeorus deceptivus
Flat headed mayfly

(McDunnough) 1924
Updated 9 Feb 2016
TSN 100632

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     Discussed as Iron deceptivus. There are museum specimens mentioned from the Crystal River, East River and Gunnison River. Quote from page 260: "This species is evidently restricted to the intermountain West (Edmunds and Allen, 1964) "

McCafferty,WP and Provonsha, AV The Mayflies of North AmericaSpecies List (Version 8Feb2011)
     Here is the geographic range and synonyms:
Epeorus deceptivus (McDunnough), 1924 [CAN:FN,NW;USA:FN,NW,SW]
    * Cinygma deceptiva McDunnough, 1924 (orig.)
    * Iron deceptivus (McDunnough), 1924 (comb.)

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